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Computer Network Consultant

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Independent Network Consultants LLC specializes in the design, installation, administration and support of computer networks for small and medium sized businesses. A Connecticut based company, INC LLC is committed to reducing both the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the frequency of costly unplanned network outages.

INC LLC was founded with the goal of strategically designing and proactively maintaining customer computer networks. Our approach and network systems expertise insures that our clients enjoy the productivity benefits resulting from a highly stable and available network environment.

Routine maintenance and regular monitoring are the keys to creating highly available computer networks. INC LLC offers affordable maintenance plans that take the headaches and frustration out of operating a computer network system. INC LLC will monitor your network hardware and software infrastructure to insure that the latest updates are in place and all components, including workstations and security appliances, are operating at optimal levels and the computer network is secure from outside threats.

INC LLC maintenance plans provide their clients with two key benefits related to computer network operation. First, TCO is reduced through proper network management. Second, Return on Investment (ROI) is increased due to reduced downtime, early detection of potential network problems, and optimal network and component performance.