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Storage and Backup Solutions - Connecticut

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Storage and Backup Solutions - Connecticut

Businesses succeed based on products, expertise and most importantly information. Even a minor loss of information can represent a serious stoppage of business operations. This is the primary reason enterprise class organizations allocate significant resources for Storage and Backup Solutions. Recent developments have resulted in a variety of technologies to address storage related issues. Storage and Backup Solutions are generally classified as:

1) Online Storage & Backup Solutions: This type of backup is accomplished using fixed backup media such as hard disk units which are physically connected to the same systems as the devices which they are backing up. Backups are created either real-time utilizing redundancy techniques commonly referred to as RAID or on-demand by copying from one device to another. The benefit of online backup storage is the speed at which backup data can be created and restored.

2) Offline Storage & Backup Solutions: When information is backed up on removable media such as tape cartridges, disk cartridges, DVD’s or a remote site, it is normally referred to as Offline Backup Storage. Offline backups are generally used for disaster recovery purposes since they are completed at a separate facility or can be removed from the physical premises where the online storage is located and retrieved in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as fire or flood.

INC LLC – A Leading Provider of Storage & Backup Solutions - Connecticut
Since its inception Independent Network Consultants LLC has been providing our customers with quality hardware and software solutions at affordable prices. At INC LLC, we fully understand the critical importance of data storage and back-up to ongoing business operations. All our storage solutions and backup are devised help our clients keep their proprietary and confidential data safe and sound. In addition to storage and backup solutions , we provide other IT solutions including Data Recovery Services, Server & Network Planning, Implementation & Support, Microsoft Small Business Server Installation & Support, Microsoft Exchange Server Installation & Support, Microsoft Small Business Server Support, Remote Access Solutions, Storage & Back-up Solutions, Consulting Services, and LAN/WAN Infrastructure design at affordable prices.
If you are interested in of commercial grade Storage and Backup Solutions in Connecticut, contact INC LLC Today!!