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Web Filtering – Content Control Software Keep Track of Web Access by your Employees - Connecticut

Web Filtering or Content Control is a term for software designed and optimized for controlling what material delivered to a user over the Internet. Web Filtering also includes the process of tracking URL visits from any IP Address. This software keeps a record of all the computers in a defined network and the Internet content they are accessing. How much time a user spends on the internet and what sites are visited are monitored using the web filtering software. The primary reason for using Web Filtering software is to restrict access to un-trusted websites and increase productivity levels among employees. In addition to a dearth of valuable information on such websites, they frequently spawn viruses or spy ware that can result in abnormal system operation.
Frequent subjects of Web Filtering software include Web sites that:
· Promote, enable, or discuss system cracking, software piracy, criminal skills, or other potentially illegal acts.
· Include sexually explicit content, such as pornography and erotica
· Promote, enable, or discuss promiscuity, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, sexual activity outside of marriage or other lifestyles seen to be "immoral"..
· Contain violent or other forms of graphic or "extreme" content.
· Promote, enable, or discuss bigotry or hate speech.
· Promote, enable, or discuss gambling, recreational drug use, alcohol, or other activities frequently considered to be vice.
· Are unlikely to be related to a student's studies, an employee's job function, or other tasks for which the computer in question may be intended, especially if they are likely to involve heavy bandwidth consumption.
· Include social networking opportunities that might expose children to predators.
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